Penelitian PMRI

Berikut ini adalah laporan penilitian yang terkait dengan PMRI.
  1. Fauzan, Ahmad (2002) Applying realistic mathematics education (RME) in teaching geometry in Indonesian primary schools. Doctoral thesis. (Download)
  2. Zulkardi (2002) Applying Realistic Mathematics Education (RME) in Teaching Geometry in Indonesia Primary Schools. Doctoral thesis. (Download)
  3. Hadi, Sutarto (2002) Effective teacher professional development for the implementation of realistic mathematics education in Indonesia. Doctoral thesis. (Download)
  4. Armanto, Dian (2002) Teaching Multiplication and Division Realistically in Indonesian Primary Schools : a Prototype of Local Intructional Theory. Doctoral thesis. (Download)
  5. Widjaja, Wanty (2008) Local instruction theory on decimals: The case of Indonesian pre-service teachers. PhD thesis. (Download)
  6. Wijaya, Ariyadi (2008) Design Research in Mathematics Education: Indonesian Traditional Games as Means to Support Second Graders’ Learning of Linear Measurement. Master thesis. (Download)
  7. Revina, Shintia (2011) Design Research on Mathematics Education: Spatial Visualization Supporting Students’ Spatial Structuring in Learning Volume Measurement. Master thesis. (Download)
  8. Shanty, Nenden Octavarulia (2011) Design Research on Mathematics Education: Investigating the Progress of Indonesian Fifth Grade Students‟ Learning on Multiplication of Fractions With Natural Numbers. Master thesis (Download)

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